Explore Ice Formations!

Lofthellir Ice-Cave Exploration

Lofthellir Ice-Cave Exploration

Lofthellir Ice Cave is a permafrost, lava tube-Ice-Cave, boosing incredible ice formations, some hundreds of years old.

The tour starts from Lake Mývatn area, the journey to the cave leads you through rugged tracks along incredible geology. The Drive leads you past the volcano Mt. Hverfjall and along Lúdentarborgir crater row. Once we reach the roots of Mt.Hvannfell there is a 30 min Guided hike across the lava fields to the entrance of Lofthellir cave. There you will be provided with a helmet, headlamp and studded boots for better grip, inside this Ice Cave.

We travel slowly and safely into the cave in a single line, guided by your cave guide, whom will help you to safely move through the cave. The entrance of the cave is the most narrow part of the cave and you will need to crawl through. How ever with every step you take into the cave it just get’s bigger!

A lost world of Ice and magic awaits, frozen in time, frozen in place

Please Note
  • This tour is not suitable for young children, people with claustrophobia or people that are not in reasonable physical condition
  • To reach the cave is a 30-minute hike across a relatively smooth lava field
  • The short entry (approx. 1,5m) into the cave is narrow and guests need to crawl on all fours to enter
  • There is ice and water on the floor of the cave and the temperature inside the cave is around 0°C
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have longer journey time or cancellation of the tour