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Askja Classic #1

ASKJA Classic #1

Askja tour

Dear guests,

Due to Covid-19 our summer schedule can change. We are used to going every single day over the summer but this season we might have to move our schedule around a little bit. When you are booking a tour with us, please let us know if your schedule is not flexible at all. We might have to merge bookings onto different dates around your departure date to reach our minimum capacity. 

Please note that you can always change your booked date according to our availabilities or receive a voucher from us. If we change your booking and you are not able to join us on our tour at all, we will refund your booking by our policy. 

For groups larger than 6 people please contact us directly for your booking requests if your desired departure date is not available on our calendar.

You can book on our website here, or by sending us email myvatntours@gmail.com or phone us +354-464-1920.

Askja tour is one of the top 10 to see in Iceland. We have been running this tour for over 40 years now and it is amazing place to see when you are in Iceland. We bring you to Askja in our 4×4 bus. You sit high up, lot of space for your feet, and your belonging. We have good drivers so you can relax and listen to the guide while he tells you about the area that we are driving through.

We are a day tour operation that takes people up to the highlands of Iceland where Askja caldera and crater Víti lies. We will go through the national park, Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður, too. This tour provides scenes of unforgettable Icelandic nature and geology. We offer trips with 4×4 buses because we go through ruff lava field and rivers. In the highlands you will see lunar landscape, glacier rivers, deepest lake in Iceland, sand, lava, mountains, crater and lot more. You will go home with unforgettable memories of landscape and knowledge. In Víti you can take a bathe in the nature in middle of Iceland, that is 1100m above sea level.

Askja is in the middle of the Icelandic highlands and it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to drive there. Our trip starts and ends in the village Reykjahlið in the Lake Mývatn area. Time of departure is 8am and we are back around 7 or 8pm.

On the way up to Askja we stop a few times to have a closer look at the amazing landscape and geological wonders, such as lava fields, glacial rivers, fresh water rivers, natural springs and magnificent mountains. During these break the passengers also have time to sit down for a while inside a hut or outside in the grass and have a bite to eat, but there are no cafés or restaurants on the way. When the bus arrives at the parking space in Askja around 12am-1pm, our passengers get 2-2,5 hours free time. There is an approximately 35 min esay walk from the parking space to Askja lake and the Víti crater, where you can go to a swim if the conditions are good. After a short stop in Drekagil, 8km from Askja, we drive directly back to Reykjahlíð village.