Visit the Incredible Waterfall Dettifoss!

Dettifoss Waterfall Super-Jeep tour

Dettifoss Waterfall Super-Jeep tour

Visit the incredible Waterfall Dettifoss in the safe companionship of Local guides from Lake Mývatn. In this Super Jeep adventure, you will not only visit these incredible waterfalls but also learn of the rich local culture and traditions of the area.

We drive east about an hour from Lake Mývatn to visit three amazing waterfalls.

We aim to visit the waterfalls from the East bank witch is only accessible by Super Jeeps. Safety is our prime motive in all tours therefore, if weather conditions don’t permit we visit the falls from the West bank.

Dettifoss Waterfall is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe, a 45m high and 100m wide waterfall with such power that standing next to it is an experience you will never forget.

A few minute walk from Dettifoss where the water smoothly falls down the columnar basalt to form Selfoss waterfall. Selfoss Waterfall is beautiful calm waterfall, that shows the soft compared to the power of Dettifoss. On the edge of Jökulsá canyon falls Hafragilsfoss down 120m to form a spectacular waterfall. The rough landscape on the way and around the waterfalls is like from another world, a must visit part of Iceland.